Harness Vests

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Girlie Girl Denim Harness Vest by Cha-Cha Couture
Gingham buttons and daisies by Cha-Cha Couture
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Doggy Rocks Cha Cha Couture
Girlie Girl Denim
Gingham, Buttons and Daisies NEW
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Doggy Rocks! Harness
Peace N Love
Peace N Love
Daisy-Harness-Vest by Cha Cha Couture
Boys Rock Cha Cha Couture
Surfer Girl!
Peace N Love
Daisy Harness
Boys Rock! Harness
Bad Doggy
Mardi Gras harness Cha Cha Couture
Euphoria Denim Harness
Combat Doggy Pastel
Bad Doggy
Mardi Gras Harness
Euphoria Denim Harness
Combat Doggy Pastel
Butterflies and Denim Cha Cha Couture
Cabana Girl Harness Cha Cha Couture
Country Gal Cha Cha Couture
Posh Princess Cha Cha Couture
Butterflies & Denim Harness
Cabana Gril Harness
Country Gal
Posh Princess
Commando Harness
Combat Doggy
Commando Harness
Combat Doggie Green
Blossom Harness